About Us

We Supply Professional Lithium Battery Solutions For You.

Who We Are

We were founded in 2013, by a team with 5+ years of lithium battery experience. Selecting the reliable quality battery cells, integrating the intelligent BMS, optimizing the mechanical and electrical structures, our aim is to build suitable and reliable batteries for your projects, and we enjoy the teamwork with you.

Lithium rechargeable batteries are widely used in many different industry areas. From small GPS tracker, handhold equipment to large electric vehicles and energy storage systems, battery always plays an important role. We have 10+ years of battery pack development experience, and we’ve been involved in more than 100 different kinds of applications, so we are confident we can supply you with a suitable and reliable battery solution.

We’d like to associate with your developing teams, participate in your battery development. This way, we can sufficiently understand your needs and ideas; and you don’t have to waste the time and effort on the battery development, your team can save time and focus on the project core part development.

Lithium battery has many advantages compared to a lead-acid battery, longer cycle life, stronger discharge power, fast-recharge ability, higher energy density, better thermal performance, and it’s replacing the old technology quickly these years. Maybe you are updating a smart machine, maybe you are a yacht owner, we can build a lithium battery pack to just replace your old lead-acid battery pack, and we have a series of standard 12V battery packs as well for your availability.

We are not a greedy snake only pursuing profit, we do things down-to-earth, enjoy the collaborating teamwork with you, fulfilled by every excellent battery design.

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Why this business

Why We Run This Business

You may ask, “Why are you running this business? Why we are choosing you instead of others?”
The large lithium battery factories have stable quality battery cells, but they tend to produce battery cells in large quantities or large-volume the same battery packs. They don’t care much about the small orders of 3 or 8 thousand dollars, so the delivery time is long, and it may take them days even weeks to reply your emails.

We are totally different. We are small but sharp, our goal is to create a perfect user experience. We use fully certified and reliable battery cells and BMS and hire experienced engineers. We never let you get disappointed with our service.

The market is energetic but chaotic, countless battery factory and sales companies bid maliciously. You can even find 18650 batteries for 0.15USD in Alibaba. I believe you are as afraid of buying those as I am. In such a market, batteries are too cheap dare not buy, too expensive, and not worth the price.

Buyers can hardly buy products with reliable quality and reasonable prices, let alone active communication and professional services. And we saw your concerns, so we were born, we may not be your cheapest choice, but after you choose us, we will make you believe that we are the best choice.

How To Start Working Together

Most Lithium rechargeable batteries are customized according to your requirements, so, a suitable lithium battery solution is based on sufficient communication.

Send us an email (sales@antbatt.com) to get in touch with us, tell us your ideas and doubts.

Then, we will provide a pre-sale battery pack datasheet based on the information we collected from you, you can check all the parameters and design details.
After your confirmation, we’ll be able to evaluate a quotation, you can choose to start a sample order or not.

And we’ll provide you a battery pack specification after sample batteries are produced, you can start to test the battery to see if it meet your need.

If there are any details you would like to change or improve. We can start the second-time or third time sampling until you are satisfied with the battery pack.

You can send us inquiries via the contact page, or you write to sales@antbatt.com directly, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.